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Why Good Website Design Matters in Business

October 2, 2023
Good website design in the works

In our current day and age it is vital to have a website for your business ventures. It is a contact, advertisement and information hub for your customers. If buyers are not sure about your products or services they will strive to find out more and your website needs to deliver. If your website is not easy to use, doesn’t provide the information needed, is hard to navigate or even looks unprofessional it can cost you greatly. This is where good website design comes in to save the day.


Navigation is at the heart of a good website. You want your customers to be able to find what they are looking for quickly. If they don’t they may leave and go somewhere else. They could be looking for a product, certain information or features that you offer, maybe even just contact information.

The importance of good website design here lies in not forcing the user to go through fluff to find what they are looking for. This means you have to plan out what needs to be seen and how the user will get to it.

Visual appeal

Your company’s first impression will most likely come from how your website looks. Depending on your sphere and niche there are different ways to stylize your website to appeal to the feelings and ideas that your customers expect. You would expect a legal centered company to have a clean and concise website detailing what they cover mainly in text and graphics. On the other hand, a website that targets enthusiast computer peripherals may have a more extravagant and exciting website with more pictures, artwork and action.

You should study what other successful websites in your sphere appear as and see how you can match their level of visual appeal or professionalism.


If your initial impression of the website is good and the user has been able to smoothly navigate to what they are looking for, they will be finally looking at the actual content of your website. This is where a good landing, information, videos graphics, product descriptions and images all come together to complete a good website design.

If your text doesn’t clearly communicate, if your graphics or pictures sell your product well, if the certain information is lacking you risk being skipped over. Most customers won’t take the initiative to call or message your company to find out a bit of information that they are on the fence about. That means they will just move on to a different product or service that does mention and cover it. So it’s important that the content on your website is truly complete and fleshed out in order to be effective.

Planning a website


With all of the above covered you’re well on your way to having good website design that leads to actually converting potential customers into income. Now, obviously there are more in depth steps you can take to optimize this. But this basic list of design ideas should give you a step into understanding that it takes planning work to really make a website stick out and do it’s intended purpose for your business.

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