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What is our current AI technology and how is it flawed?

October 2, 2023
Using current AI technology

AI, or artificial intelligence, refers to the development of programs capable of performing tasks that typically require human intelligence. These include learning, problem-solving, perception, language understanding, and even certain types of decision-making. The development of AI involves training models on large datasets, fine-tuning their algorithms, and improving the performance. We have already implemented a lot of AI tools into our daily lives. From support chat bots in business and predicting financial futures to AI being used to write essays and create images.

However, it’s essential to consider the flaws in AI technology. Balancing technological advancement and responsible AI deployment is a critical challenge for the future.

One of the major flaws in AI technology is the lack of transparency and understanding of how AI systems come to their conclusions. While we can try to feed it the correct information from curated datasets, it can be hard to trust something that can’t tell you how it computed all that data into its answer.

AI processes large amounts of data

Another is the privacy concerns. With AI having to be fed enormous amounts of data to be trained, how can we control how much of our own personal information it’s using. Advocating for proper regulation of what information AI can deal with will mitigate this issue. But this also leads to security risks. Aside from being able to recover information from the flaws in AI technology, AI can be implemented harmfully as malware or into cyberattacks. This further pushes the need for proper regulation and certification.

The question of misinformation has been one of the key ones in relation to AI. Depending on what kind of data you provide you can curate certain answers, whether intentionally or not. But these quirks can be used nefariously to spread fake news with bots or articles quickly. That along with the introduction of deepfake images and videos make for a scary possible future where criminals and rogue states can manipulate us should we fail to control and regulate the technology.

To mitigate these flaws in AI technology, the research community needs to actively engage in safety research, collaborate on ethical guidelines, and promote transparency. Meanwhile, governments and regulatory bodies need to come to a swift agreement as to how to correctly monitor and regulate AI technology in order to ensure its safe use.

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