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Tech Issues In Your Business and How They Cost You Money Through Ignorance.

October 2, 2023
Employee suffering tech issues

There are quite a number of reasons why business tech issues occur. A careless approach to internet security will lead to your customers’ data being at risk. Bandwidth issues will make your services unpleasant to use if not outright unusable. A lack of skilled IT personnel can lead to bugs and unreliable products. Lacking regular planning and workshopping of IT will make your business developments absolute hell. And finally, outdated or slow hardware can make your employees struggle to do their work effectively.

Short term a lot of these issues can be glossed over in order to get a product out of the door or a service running. And saying we can fix it later can sound like a fine solution. The company gets some money in and we use that money to improve what we’ve built a base around. But this approach can quickly collapse the entire business into a madhouse.

When business tech issues start cropping up during intense time and when your staff are trying to resolve a customer’s problems. Not only are you risking losing customers due to being unable to service them but also you are realistically paying more to service them. All the bugs and slowdowns that occur means your staff are less productive, meaning they spend more time doing what could’ve been done with proper tools rapidly. So now you’re stuck paying staff to walk around these business tech issues instead of doing their job.

But the bigger concern is in terms of security. A lot of companies store data about their customers. A lot of that data is very private. One often hears of data breaches that lead to tons of uses having their private information available to bad actors. Such breaches can even lead to legal action if the proper protections were not established.

Working without tech issues

The correct solution for business tech issues is to have a solid enough IT team and make sure they get to plan ahead and fully implement their steps. Through regular meetings, workshopping and addressing of concerns you can be sure that most issues are fully ironed out so that actual work can be done. This is definitely more costly, but are they more costly than the long term business tech issues that appear afterwards?

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