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about the project

Indise is an app aimed at designers to provide realistic, fast and high quality AI generated interiors. It strives to help inspire, inspect and try out various ideas without going through the usual effort of a detailed design process.

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Industry: Interior design

Platforms:Ios, Android

Tech Stack: Project management, Back-end development, Ux/ui Designer, Front-end development, QA, DevOps

How it works

Write a detailed description of the design you would like to create

Select your desired square footage

Choose one interior design style from our catalog

As needed, you can upload a reference image directly from your iPhone gallery

Just 60 seconds of patience…

4 results are ready. Edit them or upscale for higher resolution

Here's your interior design, delivered in under 90 seconds


Your dream interior design made by ai

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landing page

With Indise we hope to capture how simple and quick you can create a design. The page demonstrates the effortless steps and encourages the user to put it to the test. Once they do, the app does the rest of the work.

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Typography & colors
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Indise will leave both designers and their potential customers inspired with a clear understanding of their vision and plans, and do it in a clean and painless way.

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