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How Does The Development of AI Impact Our Data Privacy?

October 2, 2023
Securing data from AI

The development of AI has had a significant impact on AI data privacy. By that we mean the general person’s ability to determine to what extent  their personal information is shared online. AI systems require a vast amount of data to train and improve their reliability. This means that our privacy is at risk as furthering the ability of AI might lead to it grabbing our personal details along with whatever it is being trained for.

AI is being implemented into tons of fields now and it’s going to be impossible to avoid it going forward. From video game development and general programing to marketing tools and everyday home devices. With the vast amount of applications, where is it getting all the information from? One of the most common sources of datasets, or collection of information, is web scraping. This is when tools are used that gather data from the internet as whole, going through various websites and platforms. As you can expect this raises some questions about AI data privacy as these scrapers could collect information that they shouldn’t. There are also other sources. Like public, licenced, academic databases and government curated ones which are curated specifically for certain topics, but those can be lacking to train a reliable AI for the purposes some need.

Google collecting data for AI

But the real question comes when you look at big advertising giants like Facebook and Google. They already track and gather magnitudes of data about your habits and often personal details. How correct is it to use this data to train AI with? With correct practices it is possible to mitigate risks. But we need to advocate for proper regulations and use of our data, we can be sure that with the speed of development a lot of these AI data privacy safety precautions will be bypassed to speed up the creation of AI tools.

Addressing the concerns of AI data privacy requires a lot of work in different areas, creating proper legislation and regulations, pushing for ethical AI development practices, better transparency and user education. It’s important to prioritize privacy by design or risk affecting a lot of people’s lives negatively through data breaches or even misuse of our new AI tools.

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