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How Does AI Already Improve Productivity and What’s The Limit?

October 2, 2023
Improving productivity with AI

ChatGPT has already had an enormous impact on various industries such as support, writing, marketing and coding. Many have found their own way to improve productivity with AI in some form or fashion to ease the burden of their job or to produce more faster.

In writing it can provide you with ideas for text, if not completely writing it out for you so you can edit it down to your needs. For coding it prepares code that can also be further customized and edited to suit the project. It can completely take over most of the support process for various services by directly communicating with consumers, only needing a human when something goes way off script or the solutions it has don’t work. Even creatives improve productivity with AI picture generation, giving them ideas or presenting possible designs without investing too much effort into the full project.

Anyone can harvest the potential of this technology right now, as long as they can find an area to apply it to. But further, businesses can invest to create their own AI that’s trained in exactly their niche. Obviously that’s a big investment that requires knowledgeable individuals to get right, but the payoff could be monumental. In stock trading there’s already a massive implementation of various models of predictive AI to help judge the market and make better returns. And while its viability can be questionable, it still helps those with experience make better decisions.

The big question is how can we improve productivity with AI going into the future. While fully replacing a person in most areas or work is still most likely decades away, we will still feel the impact of further development of this technology. As it evolves we can obviously expect it to be more correct and in terms of assistance. With larger databases and better learning models it may fully become a virtual assistant for many jobs. Predicting the best actions for management, the best approach for products and even educational assistance.

Celebrating with AI

Implementing AI into physical tasks will also be a massive stride. With a more complex tasks being solvable by AI

Still, it will come down to real individuals to take the decisions and make sure that the human element is still involved. Since statistically improving productivity with AI using prediction will be very good, humans as such are not always predictable in those ways.

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