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How AI Can Help You Design Your Website

October 2, 2023
Designing a website with AI

Designing a website has been made quite simple by various services over the internet. With how useful a website is for business, a portfolio or even hobbies it’s become a major interest for many people. So the next step has become to make it even simpler, to make websites with AI.

Some services will advertise to just let AI make the website for you completely, and that would be very fast and straightforward. Some will even find pictures and do search engine optimization for you. But it would be more advised to learn a bit about website design so that you can understand what it is and why it helps to be involved in the making of a website.

Now, designing a website from scratch obviously takes some skill and knowledge. And quite a lot of time. Before AI website making services provided a lot of different presets and drag and drop functions to make it more accessible to make a website. But there’s one critical component to make websites with AI that a lot of people are missing out on. The website design itself.

Now as said previously. The main goal is to push forward the purpose of the website; promote your business, sell products, display a portfolio or just show off your hobbies. To that end one has to make sure that the critical components are displayed first and the vital information incentivizes people through the rest of the website. That and just being able to navigate around intuitively and without hassle to find what you’re looking for.

If you’re already familiar with the programming side of websites, you can already make websites with AI through it making code suggestions which just require some quality assurance and a bit of tweaking. Which would still take a while, but will speed up the process significantly since you just ask for what you need and get it.

AI designed website

If you’re not, no fear. You can still make websites with AI with the new creation tools flooding the market. All you really need to learn is what your website’s purpose is and how it should be laid out design wise. Afterwards you just need to make sure you tell the AI what you’re looking to build. You can tell it exactly what you’re looking for and it will deliver better results. That’s why it is recommended to learn further about what a good design is and how it helps you achieve your website’s purpose.

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