Creditor Solutions

Landing page web application
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about the project

The service offers debt collection to judgement creditors, an all inclusive package that solves their struggles and gets them paid. To that intent we provide all the necessary information up front in our clean design.

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Industry: Jurisprudence

Tech Stack: Project management, Back-end development, Ux/ui Designer, Front-end development, QA, DevOps

Web site animation
Additional pages of the website
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Mobile version

The mobile versions of the website make sure to covert our interactive elements, the calculators and forms are all intuitive and can be seen at a glance across a variety of devices.

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With a clean and professional logo and text we aim to establish reliability. Something that tells them that we will connect them with their lost money.

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Electronic and printed form

We have designed a clean step by step form submission that makes submitting all information easy. Additionally, we have implemented functionality to use a printed form should that be more convenient.

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Typography & colors
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Our design ensures that potential clients get informed on our service and what it offers. They will be able to get an idea of what they will recoup and then contact our collectors immediately. Also, the website will collect all the information so that the service can do it’s job right away.

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