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ChatGPT Won’t Take Your Job and Here’s Why

October 2, 2023
ChatGPT accessible on the computer

All over the internet we have seen Open AI’s ChatGPT do various tasks and may even have gotten scared by how effective it is at creating all sorts of media. With it being able to create stories, essays, and even do customer support in seconds one would ask how a mortal mind could compete with it.  But really, we have to look thoroughly into this tool to understand that while it may “take your job” it still creates new problems to solve, which may not even be cost effective.

ChatGPT is not a flawless system, in the same way machines can break and programs can have bugs. This is one of the main reasons why ChatGPT taking jobs is not as big of a problem as one may think. Yes it can replace a lot of work, but it takes a lot of work to program an AI learning model to deliver the responses you want, and it will still need optimizations over time. Not only that, bad programming of an AI like ChatGPT could have a major bias or even provide wrong information if you feed it bad data, whether by accident or even on purpose. And even with all that work, it may not guarantee the same results as those from a real hi person, but it can be very close.

Depending on the job that could be good enough. But when one thinks about real professionals in all the niches and different spheres of work, ChatGPT will most definitely not deliver the same result and won’t be able to really adjust or tailor the work to specific situations reliably. So in that sense, ChatGPT taking jobs is less of a takeover.

Using ChatGPT at work

Aside from the above, there is a very simple solution to the worries of ChatGPT taking jobs: Embrace the new tool as the tool that it is. Learn what it is and how you can increase your productivity with it. ChatGPT is taking jobs in the same way that the industrial revolution took jobs. It increases the efficiency of a job exponentially, but it still takes a person to run these tools and use them to their fullest potential. The same way we had to move from a typewriter to a computer, most people will stick to old trustworthy tools, sometimes plainly from disdain. Those people will get passed over once the technology takes hold, but even then it will take a while. It is highly recommended to see how you can implement ChatGPT in your workflow and use it to reduce your workload while increasing your output.

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