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about the project

An investment service targeted at those who aren’t confident with investments. The goal is to sell our ability to produce reliable returns and manage investments with little hassle. The approach is simple and enticing to get them investors in touch and started.

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Industry: finance

Tech Stack: Project management, Back-end development, Ux/ui Design, Front-end development, QA


Using a clean calculator widget we can give users a quick idea of what to expect from our service, all of it in seconds and covering a variety of options. This further incentivizes potential investors to read more into our benefits.

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mobile app
Application info

Cash Trinity App


Invest in loans easy

Our app provides full functionality, allowing you to filter loans you want to invest in. Create an Auto Invest strategy, choose a predefined strategy or invest manuall.


Track your investments

Get notifications, monitor the status of loans, and track the dynamics of your profits. See your portfolio distribution by loan type, lenders, and countries.


Manage your portfolio

Through our app, you can check your account summary, add funds, make withdrawals, and generate transaction reports or tax statements.

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adaptive design

With the variety of devices and screens on the market, we make sure that our intended design communicates ubiquitously. Regardless of how they approach, we will interest potential investors.

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Typography & colors
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Blue storm Dodger Blue white Santas Gray ebony grey

Our design should ensure that users stay informed and happy with their service. They will be able to track their investments effortlessly and get in touch when they have to. As long as the service delivers, our design will too.

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